Alaska: Still Abundant and Still Sustainable

There has been much discussion about a Netflix production, Seaspiracy, a cleverly named movie that claims fish are being over-harvested everywhere and that the world will run out of fish in thirty years. Yet, scientists and researchers have universally debunked what has generally been characterized as a hit piece by agenda-driven vegan activists. There is widespread scientific data showing that levels of fish are increasing - overall and in most places.

We stand with the experts and our only agenda is to provide our customers with high quality seafood, harvested in a sustainable manner. While there may be areas of the world where fish are unscrupulously harvested, they are more the exception than the rule and Alaska is definitely not one of those places. It’s an actively managed, sustainable fishery and that's a fact.

Listen to an expert:

Ray Hilborn, marine biologist and fisheries scientist, known for his work on conservation and natural resource management in the context of fisheries. He is currently professor of aquatic and fishery science at the University of Washington. He focuses on conservation, natural resource management, fisheries stock assessment and risk analysis, and advises several international fisheries commissions and agencies.