Company Profile

Growth Through Value and Service

E&E Foods, Inc. is a growth oriented US based company servicing the food industry since 1932. Focused on Alaska and North Pacific seafood, our success is a result of our quality product and customer service. We consistently deliver a reliable relationship of value and service that converts to real dollars in a changing environment.

Strategically positioned throughout Alaska, E&E Foods, Inc. owns and operates both shore-side and at-sea processing plants and has exclusive marketing agreements with at-sea processing vessels. Our family of companies allows E&E Foods, Inc. to expand product volume while maintaining superior quality. Our facilities operate in full accordance with HAACP, FDA, EPA and European Union Guidelines. E&E Foods, Inc., and each of its subsidiaries, is a Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) certified supplier; these certifications ensure that our Alaska salmon, black cod, Pacific cod, pollack, and halibut product can be traced back to a sustainable fishery.

Our uniquely talented, multilingual sales team has extensive experience selling to Europe, Asia, the US and Canada. Our services include fresh & frozen seafood marketing, processing and consulting, trading, export, import, broker and bait sales. Leveraging our production facilities and worldwide sourcing network, our sales team will match the best species, catch area, catch method and price to your requirements.

Growth and value seafood fishing.