Sustainability in Seattle
Approaching sunset at the Seatt...

Approaching sunset at the Seattle Aquarium, with fresh oysters, salmon and tuna at the SSW Gala

Traceability wo...

Traceability workshop at the SSW Industry Lab at Ray’s Boathouse

: Grilled Neah ...

: Grilled Neah Bay Troll King Salmon, served at the SSW Industry Lab, courtesy of Ray’s Boathouse

E&E Foods attended Sustainable Seafood Week Seattle’s First Annual Gala and Industry Lab, celebrating sustainable seafood.

With a focus on local Northwest favorites (halibut, blackcod, oysters, and salmon), the food at both events was outstanding. Local Chefs pulled out the stops at the gala, our favorite being the king salmon mousse and deviled egg. Naturally, industry leaders were present and enjoying the fare, and there were many reps from distributors, processors, NGO’s and restaurants who flew in from the Bay Area and the East Coast in attendance. Even a few of E&E customers from across the country were there, and it was a pleasure hearing what they value in an event surrounding sustainability.

The Gala was mostly social, but the following day at the Future of Fish Industry Lab, chefs, processors, distributors, traceability specialists and sustainability experts gathered to discuss industry problems and solutions regarding seafood sustainability. Focusing on long term ocean health, panels and group discussions surrounding industry pain points from the boat to the plate were discussed in depth. It was a productive exercise just to get a vertically integrated seafood supply chain all around one table, with third party stakeholders present as well. All of us touch the same product, and build our business practices around moving and selling the same fish from the time it bites the hook to the time it gets pierced by a fork, but we rarely get to hear and understand the business focuses of each role of the supply chain. Including businesses at all levels of the seafood supply chain is a great first step toward full scale industry progress.

As a firm that earns its living from the sea, supporting industry sustainability efforts is an important part of what we do at E&E.