Salmon Tailgate
Salmon Tailgate

Salmon Tailgate

January means two things for most people: healthy eating kicks and playoff football.
In the Pacific Northwest, we are lucky enough to have easy access to a bounty of salmon to satisfy our craving for healthy protein AND we have our hometown team playing for their second straight Super Bowl appearance.

Traditionally, football tailgates involve large quantities of greasy, fatty food that don’t quite fall into most folks idea of a “healthy” diet, and may or may not make you fall asleep before the game starts. So, if you want to keep your tailgate grill running and do so a little bit healthier, don’t grill bratwurst this Sunday, grill salmon!

Besides simply grilling fillets with seasonings and lemon, here are some game day ideas using our favorite food from the ocean, while still falling into the “tailgate food” category:
Salmon sliders
Salmon burgers
Smoked salmon chowder
Smoked salmon dip
Salmon pastrami
Smoked Salmon carbonara
Smoked Salmon omelet (it is Noon kickoff)

E&E Salmon Tip: You love smoked salmon and want to do it at home, but don’t own a smoker? No problem.
There is an easy way to smoke your own fish at home, all you need is a charcoal Weber grill. Heat up 7-10 coals on one side of the grill, and put the salmon on the opposite side on top of the grate. Sprinkle your soaked chips on the hot coals evenly and add one coal every 10 minutes for an hour or until the salmon chunks have the smoked glaze you desire.
Brine overnight prior to smoking buried in a dry mixture of 3 parts brown sugar and 1 part sea salt with a few crushed garlic cloves mixed in. Rinse and dry off for an hour before smoking.