E&E Introduces Atlantic Salmon Program
E&E Introduces Atlantic S...

E&E Foods is expanding our US fresh and frozen product offering to include farmed Atlantic, Coho, and King (Chinook) Salmon, and SeaTrout (Steelhead). Through strategic partnerships with producers in Chile, we are currently delivering a variety of fillet trims and sizes directly to major ports across the country.

“We have been looking into aquaculture for some time now,” said E&E Foods President, Tab Goto. “It was important to us to find the right producers in order to guarantee the same high quality that our customers have come to expect from our wild Alaska product.”

The program is being developed by Josh Watts. Before joining the E&E Foods team last year, Josh worked in operations for Ocean Beauty Seafoods and then moved to Icicle Seafoods where he was responsible for coordinating all fresh sales with their Alaska production plants and their Atlantic salmon production from the U.S. and Chile.

“I am excited to build the aquaculture program at E&E Foods,” said Josh. “It’s a natural evolution for E&E because the company has an established reputation for quality product and excellent customer service. By offering both wild and farmed product, E&E Foods becomes a one-stop-shop for customers’ ongoing programs and spot demands.”

“This is an exciting opportunity for E and E and our customers” said Sara Daniels, Domestic Fresh Division Manager. “Fresh and frozen Atlantic Salmon is an important item for the majority of our customers in both the US and Canada. By offering fresh and frozen Atlantic Salmon we are able to supply our customers year round - complementing our more seasonal wild salmon program.”

For more information, please contact your E&E Foods sales person, or contact Josh Watts directly at 206-493-2871 or joshw@eefoods.com.