Expo News: RFM Broadly Accepted
Expo News: RFM Broadly Acce...

John Sackton, Editor and Publisher of SeafoodNews.com, posted the following report from the European Seafood Expo in Brussels today:

"The acceptance of Alaska salmon producers to withdraw from the MSC is a major theme at this year’s European Seafood Expo reports John Sackton from Brussels. Since last year’s withdrawal retailers said it has been business as usual and are sticking with their traditional Alaskan salmon suppliers; the recent RFM certification has bolstered the move and retailers are comfortable that Alaska salmon continues to fit their corporate sustainability measures.

Meanwhile, the MSC’s Alaska pollock certification was called into question by a Chinese supplier who said his EU customers ask for the ‘real’ MSC or just ‘MSC.' Essentially, the MSC in Alaska has devolved into confusion and the overall approach of the MSC to be the only global standard does not appear possible."

The above text is an excerpt; for the full story, click here.

E&E Foods is glad to see such widespread acceptance of RFM by the industry. "E&E Foods fully supports the FAO-based Responsible Fisheries Management certification that has been developed for the industry by the Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute (ASMI) and the State of Alaska," said E&E Foods President, Tab Goto, "RFM is a superior certification program as evidenced by the fact that it now represents over 80% of all salmon caught in Alaska; and over 90% of the Sockeye."