European Seafood Expo & RFM Announcement
European Seafood Expo &...

E&E Foods will once again be hosting a booth at the upcoming 2013 European Seafood Exposition in Brussels, Belgium, April 23 - 25. Company President and owner, Tab Goto, Director of Sales and owner, Randy Patrick, along with our Asian Sales Manager, Rocky Polito and European Sales Manager, Chris Rawski will all be on hand to meet with customers and talk about E&E Foods' expectations for the upcoming season and the company's current transition from Marine Stewardship Council certification to the United Nations FAO-based Responsible Fisheries Management (RFM) certification.

Representatives from the Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute (ASMI) will also be in Brussels discussing the status of RFM certification and Alaska's long-standing commitment to marine conservation. ASMI has confirmed with the majority of Alaska salmon processors that the bulk of the 2013 harvest will be certified under the RFM program. “We want buyers to understand that approximately 80% of the salmon harvest will be available under the RFM certification program,” states Michael Cerne, Executive Director for ASMI.

Both the Governor of Alaska and the United Fisherman of Alaska (UFA), a broad trade organization made up of 37 fishing associations, strongly support the RFM model. “Offering a credible choice in seafood certification is necessary," states Governor Sean Parnell. "For this reason, we are providing, along with Iceland and others, this FAO-Based alternative certification program. Across the globe, we ask you to accept RFM Certification as a socially responsible and firmly grounded business practice." Earlier this year, the UFA issued a resolution supporting “the RFM certification as an objective, internationally recognized ISO (International Organization for Standardization) Standard that is in the best interests of Alaska and its fisheries.”

You can find us in Hall 6, Booth #1127F, across from the Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute (ASMI) Pavilion.

Hope to see you there!