Flying Sockeyes From Bristol Bay
Lynden Air Cargo's Hercules ...

Lynden Air Cargo's Hercules comes to a rest in Kenai.

A forklift takes the chartered ...

A forklift takes the chartered cargo quickly off the rear of the plane.

More beautiful sockeye for pro...

More beautiful sockeye for processing at Pacific Star.

Time and temperature are the "twin scourges" of fresh fish. Too much of either diminishes the quality and eventually, the usefulness. The ability to get fish out of the water and quickly headed to consumers requires an effective operational plan and lots of equipment. We work with a number of freight companies to keep the sockeyes moving fast and cold. Yesterday’s post highlighted our first shipment using Everts Air Cargo’s MD-80 to ferry 35,000 lbs. of iced and toted sockeye from King Salmon to Kenai. It took only 23 minutes to unload at Kenai Airport and then just minutes more to deliver to our plant – barely a mile away – and right into production. Today, it’s Lynden Air Cargo’s Hercules and its 40,000 lb. capacity doing the heavy lifting. We plan to keep these two air freight companies busy this year!