E&E's COO Talks About Cannon Acquisition with IntraFish
Ken Ng, COO of E&E Food...

Ken Ng, COO of E&E Foods. Photo: IntraFish

Click on the following to hear E&E's COO, Ken Ng, talk about E&E's recent acquisition of Cannon Fish.


Need for vertical integration was key to E&E's purchase of Cannon Fish
E&E now has brand that it can develop.
by John Fiorillo
March 18th, 2019 16:43 GMT Updated March 18th, 2019 18:33 GMT

As acquisitions go, Seattle-based E&E Foods' purchase of seafood supplier and processor Cannon Fish Company (CFC) happened relatively quickly.
The two companies started talking about it three months ago, Ken Ng, E&E’s chief operating officer, told IntraFish on Monday.
Cannon was doing some custom processing for E&E when the two began talking about a potential deal. “We were really impressed with the people at Cannon, and the timing was right,” said Ng.
E&E is consolidating its Seattle area processing operations into a single 76,000 square foot facility in Renton, Washington. E&E bought the plant from Orca Bay last year. It is moving its operation in Federal Way, Washington and Cannon’s operations in Kent, Washington, to the Renton facility.

Vertical Integration
The purchase of Cannon fits into E&E’s strategy of becoming vertically integrated, said Ng. E&E has been operating in the Seattle area since 1932 and has a large presence in Alaska with shoreside plants in Egegik (Coffee Point Seafoods), Kenai (Pacific Star Seafoods), and Yakutat (Yakutat Seafoods) and a floating processor (Cape Greig) in Bristol Bay and Kotzebue – supplying salmon, cod and halibut primarily.
The Cannon acquisition, said Ng, gives E&E a consumer brand it can further develop. “We have the raw material and would like to start broadening our product line,” said Ng.