Cod, Cold, and Kenai
Beautiful and colder than it loo...

Beautiful and colder than it looks, and it's very cold

One of the many boats E&amp...

One of the many boats E&E buys from

Clean cuts and beautiful fillets

Clean cuts and beautiful fillets

E&E Foods started the year with a new venture in the Pacific Star Seafoods plant in Kenai. With the help of a dedicated staff consisting of experienced Kenai locals and crew from Anchorage, the plant has started processing cod. Fresh H&G and fresh fillets have been flowing south from the plant, despite some seriously cold weather, which saw temperatures dropping to as low as -29 degrees F.

The cold weather is making life interesting, especially when it comes to getting the company trucks started and keeping them running. Block heaters, trickle chargers, and fuel additives are all necessary to ensure the trucks are ready to go every day.

Adequate lighting for the trucks was another issue that surprised the crew used to the 18-20 hours of daylight during the summer salmon season, according to our Plant Manager at Pacific Star. “It was a challenging start but we are prepared now for anything that happens during the remaining winter,” he said.

These trucks are critical for getting fish to the plant from the company buying stations in Homer and Seward. E&E is an active buyer of the cod that is offloaded from the fleet of long liners and pot boats. The season started early in January and is expected to pick back up in February after a short break for weather and to allow the fish to school in preparation for spawning.

Once at the plant, the fish is processed and packed for shipment. Very little of the fish goes to waste – there is a market for the heads, stomachs, roe, and everyone’s favorite delicacy: milt. With the addition of cod processing, E&E Foods expands its Alaska plants’ capabilities, creating jobs and offering our customers a healthy, sustainable fish produced with the care and quality that goes into all our products.