Plant's Sanitation Crew Keeps it Clean!
Federal Way's dedicated sanita...

Federal Way's dedicated sanitation crew passes sanitation chemical course

In the food processing business, you’re only as good as the last cleaning of your plant and at our Federal Way operations, where we cut up to 40,000 lbs. of fish a day, we have a great plant sanitation team. They have just gone through a sanitation chemical training program, which involved classroom study and a test, and they all passed. The course included all aspects of chemical safety training—reading and understanding the labels, handling, mixing, storage, usage, and monitoring.

Each person has a specific role but the whole sanitation team has one job: keep all areas of the plant—including the restrooms and cafeteria—clean and ready for the next shift. They are not involved in the cutting or handling of fish and they only go to work when the fish is out of the way. All the chemicals are stored outside of the plant, and are approved by the government for their intended use. Congratulations!