Quality Audit Passes with Flying Colors
E&E Foods' first rate pr...

E&E Foods' first rate production team at our Federal Way plant.

Congratulations are in order for the team at E&E Foods Federal Way plant with the successful completion of their first third party audit conducted by Mérieux NutriSciences (Silliker). This was an unannounced audit, but the plant and crew were ready and were awarded with a rating of Excellent for their efforts. One of the many benefits of the crew’s hard work and focus on food safety is that the plant is now a proud approved vendor to Costco.

Tab Goto, owner of E&E, congratulated the staff and stated, “this is proof of our commitment to produce safe product for our consumers and we do it with pride.”

The auditor was pleased with the interest seen from the staff at the plant and made it clear in his audit report that he appreciated the cooperation he received from everyone involved. Of course, there were some findings during the audit (nobody’s perfect!) but these are viewed as opportunities to improve the plant and processes.

This audit is another milestone in the path of food safety and customer satisfaction the dedicated team in Federal Way has followed since the plant opened. Earlier this year, the plant was also successfully certified under the USDC HACCP/Quality Management Program and had recertification audits for MSC and RFM. Next up – BRC! Kudos to the staff, and to Jessie Umagat, Plant Manager, and Helen Owen, Corporate Quality Director, both of whom spearheaded the effort.