Sockeye Available Year-Round
Copper River, home to the yea...

Copper River, home to the year's first sockeye run.

Freezer cases look great with...

Freezer cases look great with our wild, Alaskan sockeye in them.

A beautiful, vacuum-packed, 12...

A beautiful, vacuum-packed, 12 oz. sockeye fillet

As hard as it is to believe, the 2015 fresh, wild sockeye salmon season kicks off late next week with the internationally famous Copper River sockeye salmon run. The first opener is on May 14th and lasts for twelve hours. Based on last year’s prices, it is likely to be selling at the wholesale level around $13.00/lb. You read that right, $13.00/lb.!

However, it will still be at least 4-6 weeks before this year’s sockeye pipeline will start filling up since the major Alaskan runs don’t start until mid-June. E&E’s wholesale and retail customers are taking advantage of the year-end lull to replenish their inventory with attractively priced wild, frozen Alaskan sockeye.

One of our biggest hits is an under 1 lb. fillet that both retailers and consumers love because of the great price point and less wasted food (though we can’t understand how anyone would ever waste Alaskan salmon). Let us know how we can fill your freezers with this great product.