E & E Naknek Operations
E & E Naknek

E & E Naknek

Cape Greig Safety Training at t...

Cape Greig Safety Training at time of sail

Launching the Jeannie J-which...

Launching the Jeannie J-which is a landing craft used as a tender

Jeannie J launch

Jeannie J launch

Vessel in Naknek sitting at tid...

Vessel in Naknek sitting at tide change

The E & E Naknek Operations typically open toward the end of May.

Vessels that are "winterized" and stored on shore begin to have their crew arrive in order to prepare for the fishing season.

E & E Foods Salmon tenders and support vessels enter the water toward the end of May in anticipation of the gill net test fisheries that usually begin the first or 2nd week of June.

Our shore-based operation in Bristol Bay is Coffee Point Seafood of Washington, LLC., on North Beach, north of Egegik River.