Price Discovery
Price Discovery

Price Discovery

“Price Discovery” is what buyers and sellers do to determine the market price through a back-and-forth dialog. Information is the KEY component in price discovery, and the less efficient or accessible the information is, the wider the “spread”—the difference between the buy price and the sell price. E&E Foods’ sales team works both sides of the price discovery equation multiple times each day to bring a variety of fish at the best price to our customers. How do we do it?
• As a major, direct producer of Alaskan seafood, we are always talking with industry players to gain intel about everything: amount, size and quality of the catch, time-to-dock, by-catch, bled or not, pumped or not, weather, escapement levels, openings, packaging and shipping—anything and everything related to the industry that has a role in determining price
• As a major direct and spot purchaser and supplier of Atlantic salmon, we are also always communicating directly with virtually all of the industry producers in Chile, Canada and Norway about supply, demand, price trends, production and shipping issues, etc., and track demand from our many customers, all to discover the best market price
• Finally, as an active trader across the spectrum of fin fish, we are often one of the first calls other producers and traders make when they either need to buy or sell fish, and this information helps us know at what price our competitors are buying and selling fish, and where the market is either long or short –a key element of price discovery
The bottom line is that our team works hard to make sure we have: WHAT our customers need, WHEN they need it, all at a PRICE that works for everyone.