Visit Booth #449 at Boston Seafood Show
Visit Booth #449 at Boston Sea...

Seattle Shrimp & Seafood will be in full force at the upcoming Boston Seafood Show, March 16 thru March 18. With our new booth on the main floor, and a private meeting room upstairs, we are looking forward to engaging with new and current customers to discuss our established shrimp, crab, scallop, and lobster products, and to introduce our new swai and tilapia fillets from Asia, and our new Santolla Red Crab from Argentina.

Our complete Seattle Shrimp & Seafood sales team will be on hand, as will company president and owner, Tab Goto, and owner Randy Patrick. Additionally, customers will have the opportunity to talk with Josh Watts – Atlantic Salmon Category Manager for our parent company E&E Foods, and Don Gallup, who oversees US and Canadian sales of frozen Pacific cold water species for E&E Foods.

“The Boston Seafood Show is great chance for us to connect personally with our customers,” said Bill Jones, Seattle Shrimp and Seafood General Manager and E&E Foods Vice President of Domestic Sales. “National and global sales are often managed over the phone and Internet these days, but nothing replaces the value of meeting face to face.”

The Boston Seafood Show, officially named Seafood Expo North America/Seafood Processing North America is the largest seafood trade event in, you guessed it, North America. We hope you’ll be there too, and that we will have a chance to talk with you. If you would like to schedule a meeting prior to being onsite, please call anyone on our sales team.