ADF&G 2013 Alaska Salmon Forecast
ADF&G 2013 Alaska Salm...

The Alaska Department of Fish and Game recently released its harvest predictions for the five species of Alaska wild Salmon. In short, the total salmon harvest is projected to be up from 2012 – primarily because of the stronger odd year Pink runs in SE Alaska and Prince William Sound. Most other species based on statewide numbers are slightly up. By area, Bristol Bay Sockeye are projected to be down by five million fish, while Cook Inlet Sockeye harvest numbers are projected to be up by almost two million fish.*

For your convenience, E&E Foods has created a summary comparing the ADFG 2013 Alaska Salmon Harvest Forecast to the 2012 Actual Catch, by species and catch area. Beginning in May this document will be updated weekly with 2013 catch data.

You can find the complete ADF&G Run Forecasts and Harvest Projections for 2013 Alaska Salmon Fisheries and Review of the 2012 Season report on their website at

*Cook Inlet set netters were not allowed to fish in 2012 because the state was attempting to protect the Kenai and Kasilof River King runs.