Bill Jones Joins E&E and Seattle Shrimp
Bill Jones Joins E&E and...

E&E Foods and Seattle Shrimp & Seafood is excited to welcome Bill Jones to our team. Bill has been named Vice President of Domestic Sales for E&E Foods and General Manager of Seattle Shrimp & Seafood. In these roles, he will help to expand our domestic customer base and provide strategic input to the company’s growth.

"We are looking forward to leveraging Bill's experience in the industry," says Tab Goto, President of E&E Foods and Seattle Shrimp & Seafood. "He has 35+ years in wholesale and retail perishable distribution, Alaska seafood production and aquaculture."

“I’m excited to be part of E&E Foods,” says Bill. “I have known Tab and Randy for years, and the quality of the sales team and their commitment to each other and their customers is second to none.”

If you have any questions, or would like to welcome Bill personally, he can be reached at our offices at 206-812-3397 or