Welcome Cook Inlet Fisherman!
Welcome Cook Inlet Fisherman!

Earlier this year Pacific Star Seafoods, a wholly owned subsidiary of E&E Foods, purchased the Cook Inlet buying stations previously owned by Ocean Beauty. With the Cook Inlet Sockeye gillnet harvest beginning this weekend, everyone at E&E Foods and PacStar extends a warm welcome to the Cook Inlet fishermen delivering to Pacific Star Seafoods for the first time this season. We look forward to working with you, and forming long-term, mutually beneficial relationships.

The purchase of the additional buying stations will greatly increase E&E Foods’ gillnet Sockeye production from Cook Inlet. E&E Foods also owns shoreside processing plants in Bristol Bay, Yakutat and Seattle. And new this year, E&E Foods has created partnerships in two at-sea processing plants, p/v Norton Sound and p/v Cape Greig. These floating plants will process salmon from Bristol Bay, False Pass and Prince William Sound; p/v Norton Sound will also process Pacific Cod from the Bering Sea.